The Hungarian Quarterly No. 209 Special Issue 2014

The Hungarian Quarterly No. 209 Special Issue 2014

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The Hungarian Quarterly No. 209 Special Issue 2014


Notwithstanding the tens of thousands killed during forced marches or by Arrow Cross detachments, the majority of Budapest Jews survived. While the history of the ghetto in the 7th district and the “protected houses” of the 13th have been researched and documented, the history of the yellow-star houses,  into which many Jews were forcefully moved in the summer of 1944, has largely been overlooked. In January 2014, the Open Society Archives (OSA) in Budapest launched a project presenting this neglected chapter of Budapest, Hungarian, and Holocaust history, and exploring the public reception of the history of the “yellow-star houses” today, 70 years after the Holocaust in Hungary. Yellow stars were placed on the doorways of buildings that were yellow-star houses in 1944. These stars include the following text explaining to passers-by: “Did you know that in 1944 this building was one of the yellow star houses? Let us remember our past together, here, on 21 June, 2014.” Our aim is for the history of the yellow-star houses to reach not only those whose relatives were murdered because they were Jews, but everyone in Budapest. This is not a “Jewish” story,  but a part of the city’s shared history.

From The Yellow-Star Houses of Budapest, 1944-2014, by Gwen Jones

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