The Hungarian Quarterly No. 205-206 Spring 2013

The Hungarian Quarterly No. 205-206 Spring 2013

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The Hungarian Quarterly No. 205-206 Spring 2013

  • The art and life of Ervin Bossanyi
  • Csaba Csapó on a retrospective exhibition of the oeuvre of Károly Ferenczy
  • Pál Hatos on diverging views of the legacy of Cardinal József Mindszenty
  • The League of Nations in Hungary’s conception of Foreign Policy
  • Johanna Granville’s review of Karl P. Benziger’s study of the contested legacy of Imre Nagy

Although Bossanyi was for most of his life an exile, his Hungarian roots were important to him, and from that point of view the early chapters of the book are particularly interesting.

The Hungarian countryside, to which he returned for extended journeys in the 1920s, was a source of inspiration for his paintings, in which he depicted a kind of Arcadia where men and animals live together in an unspoilt world.

He wrote from Hungary in 1920 “it is wonderful here – real country life.  At least, no one here is concerned with art at all. It’s not because this is my homeland, but because I feel a profound affinity with these still unspoilt and sun-bronzed country people”.


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